When it comes to trading, it’s not just about one, two, or three trades, your overall success is measured by your level of consistency in the markets—how well you’re able to stay profitable in the long run. With over 18 years of full time trading experience, I have gone through several stages of development and have hit several roadblocks, just like many traders. Looking through my personal journey of forex trading, I have designed step by step guidelines which would help you become a profitable trader and help you avoid many pitfalls along the line.

Like so many of my successful students, you may have bought several courses and EAs which have proven to be several thousand dollars’ worth of crap. Well, here is a chance to stop cutting corners and learn what it really takes to be a profitable and consistent forex trader. Welcome to Take Profit By Makemo8  a place where we take you by the hands and teach you to trade the markets profitably.


Be careful whom you listen to. As a forex trader, the materials you study are almost as important as your trading decisions—because they eventually influence your trading psychology. For many traders, spending money on useless courses isn’t their most painful experience, but trusting live accounts worth thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on those fake trading systems and useless EAs is usually the most painful part for most traders.

I am successful forex trader with over 18 years of real-time trading experience. With a passion to helping beginner traders get out of their struggles and make consistent profits, I started forex coaching as a hobby a couple of years ago, and my free courses has since gained tens of thousands followership and has helped several thousands of people.

Take Profit By Makemo8  is designed to help the struggling trader gain more confidence, become more consistent, and achieve financial independence in the turbulent world of forex trading. Whether you’re about to begin, you’re struggling to with losses, or you need a professional environment with expert trading analysis, Take Profit By Makemo8 Pass has something for you. Welcome to the journey of profitability and consistency.

Warm regards,
Dare Ijagbemi